Richard Corley - Author of International Adventure and Political Suspense
Richard Corley - Author of International Adventure and Political Suspense

Billionaire developer Evan Harper has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams — but at the expense of his own. Outside of his business, there’s a lot he’s curious about, and while he has the money to explore those curiosities, he lacks the time.

Marine researcher Kiera Logan is following in her late father’s footsteps and managing a government organization developing advanced underwater technology. However, it always seems to fail, and soon Logan is out of a job.

Noah Dravens is the Vice President of the United States and, despite his pleasant demeanor, his grip upon the levers of power is absolute—and he wants more.

Alek Zukovic is his personal assassin. He never misses.

Concealed By Darkness follows these individuals in a story of international adventure as they brush up against each other and destiny. In Book One, Unnatural Selection, Evan Harper sets new worlds into motion by simply asking of the old one: why was a disgraced scientist buried in the dark depths of Loch Ness in 1899?

In Concealed By Darkness, “Why?” is the most dangerous question a person could ask.

Book II of Concealed By Darkness, Edwards Deep, is scheduled to be published in Spring, 2024!

Richard Corley is a veteran airline captain based in the upper Midwest. A graduate of Williams College, he worked in the New York City film industry as well as in software development in Silicon Valley. He now lives in western Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and a pair of fiendish felines. Unnatural Selection is his first novel.

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